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Best Handmade Leather Sandals, Best Handmade Leather Sandal Brands

7 Best Sandal Brands for Handmade Leather Sandals

Your guide to the best handmade leather sandals that will last for seasons to come.

If you live for fashionable sandals but are tired of sacrificing comfort and quality, it’s time to start exploring handmade sandals. Handcrafted sandals offer a plethora of perks which include superior craftsmanship, comfort, and durability, as well as unique and stunning designs that ooze attention to detail.

Not only are handcrafted sandals a beautiful addition to your summer wardrobe, but they are also incredibly long-lasting and will last for years with proper care. With an array of colors and styles available, there is something to suit every taste and fashion preference. To help you get started on your handmade sandal journey, we’ve rounded up the best handmade sandal brands with beautiful designs, premium quality, and on-trend details.

We curated this collection by only selecting handmade sandal brands that meet our vetting criteria and receive rave reviews online. By shopping our curated collection below, you help support our publication as we may receive a portion of sales.

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Featured Handmade Sandal Brands

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Best Handmade Leather Sandal Brands

Ancient Greek Sandals

Ancient Greek Sandals Best Handmade Leather Sandals, Cute Summer Sandals, adjustable ankle straps, best sandals, memory foam footbed

HEADQUARTERS | Athens, Greece

FOUNDERS | Christina Martini & Nikolas Minoglou

VALUES | Woman-Owned, Handcrafted, Upcycled Materials (in some styles)

PRODUCT RANGE | Casual to dressy sandals

RECOMMENDED FOR | Those looking for a versatile selection of luxury sandals that will outlast trends and stand the test of time.

PRICE POINT | $140 – $560

WHAT SETS IT APART | Ancient Greek Sandals are handcrafted by skilled artisans using traditional techniques to ensure premium quality. In addition to artful craftsmanship, this brand has the most versatile selection of styles, so there is truly something for every taste and style.

What We Love

When it comes to handcrafted sandals, it’s hard to match the quality and attention to detail of Ancient Greek Sandals. Contemporary design meets traditional craftsmanship with versatile collections of luxury sandals that are handmade in Greece by skilled artisans. We love that these sandals feature on-trend details that never stray too far from a timeless design so both the quality and the style of these sandals will stand the test of time. They have a wide range of collections from Classic and Comfort Sole to Evenings and Weddings, so you can easily shop by style and occasion. With industry veterans Nikolas Minoglou and Christina Martini (who is a former designer for Balenciaga and Louis Vuttion) driving the brand, it’s safe to say you are in good hands. In fact, our editors loved this brand so much, we did a dedicated review.


TKEES handmade leather sandals, arch support, supportive sandals, best sandals, adjustable ankle strap

HEADQUARTERS | Toronto, Canada

FOUNDERS | Carley Burnett & Jesse Burnett

VALUES | Woman-Owned, Handcrafted, Sustainability

PRODUCT RANGE | Casual sandals

RECOMMENDED FOR | Those looking for a high-end flip-flop that can take you from the beach to brunch.

PRICE POINT | $50-$150

WHAT SETS IT APART | TKEES designs ultra-minimal cowhide leather flip-flops, slides, and lace-up sandals that are handmade in Brazil. The brand is known for its iconic “Lily” flip-flops with its “barely there” design which has set the tone for this brand’s collections of timeless wardrobe staples.

What We Love

TKEES was co-founded in 2009 by wife and husband duo, Carly and Jesse Burnett. After searching for elegantly designed sandals using real leather that were also responsibly produced to no avail, they set out to create their own. We love the elevated designs of this brand’s sandals that come in versatile neutral shades. The brand is also making sustainability a bigger priority by focusing on avoiding overproduction and investing in fewer but higher-quality sandal designs.


byjames best handmade leather sandals, cork and latex footbed, heel strap, deep heel cut, arch support

HEADQUARTERS | Tulum, Mexico

VALUES | Handcrafted

PRODUCT RANGE | Casual to dressy sandals

RECOMMENDED FOR | Those looking for a luxe sandal in earth tones with minimalistic designs that can be dressed up or down.

PRICE POINT | $110-$300

WHAT SETS IT APART | byJames is the perfect blend of classic design with modern touches, while keeping comfort top of mind. The leather sandals are handcrafted in Valladolid, Mexico in earth tones inspired by the local terrain. 

What We Love

byJames was founded in 2015 bringing sandals with handcrafted quality and minimalistic design to the market. We love the sleek style and rich textures of these sandals that will add interest and depth to any summer ensemble. We can’t get enough of these handcrafted sandals in suede that come in earthy hues so you can easily pair them with a variety of dressy and casual outfits. These sandals are highly recommended for anyone with minimalistic style and a capsule wardrobe.

Elina Linardaki

elina linardaki best handmade sandals

HEADQUARTERS | Athens, Greece

FOUNDER | Elina Linardaki

VALUES | Woman-Owned, Handcrafted

PRODUCT RANGE | Dressy sandals with ornate details

RECOMMENDED FOR | Those looking for a unique pair of statement sandals that are sure to stand out.

PRICE POINT | $120-$380

WHAT SETS IT APART | Elina Linardaki is a family-owned business known for its bold and colorful embellishments and its intricate craftsmanship techniques. Drawing inspiration from Greek scenery, Moroccan patterns, and maximalist jewelry, these unique sandals are made-to-order and are handcrafted with interesting elements like pom poms, semi-precious stones, and crystals.

What We Love

It doesn’t get more unique than a pair of handcrafted sandals by Elina Linardaki. We love that Elina Linardaki only designs one small, made-to-order collection each year, surprising us with unique materials and bold color combinations. Established in 2014 by a remarkable mother-daughter team, Elina Linardaki began its journey in the vibrant city of Athens, Greece. With an eye for luxury and quality craftsmanship, this made-to-order brand has quickly become world-renowned for its unique and stylish footwear. Since these are made-to-order sandals, just be mindful of delivery times and your shipping options.

Emme Parsons

Emme Parsons Best Handmade Leather Sandals, women's sandals, sore feet

HEADQUARTERS | Los Angeles, California

FOUNDER | Emme Parsons

VALUES | Woman-Owned, Handcrafted

PRODUCT RANGE | Casual to dressy sandals

RECOMMENDED FOR | Those looking for a pair of minimalistic sandals that are as functional as they are fashionable.

PRICE POINT | $375-$495

WHAT SETS IT APART | Emme Parsons’ handmade sandals are known for their clean lines and signature minimalistic styles. Each pair of sandals is thoughtfully handcrafted by artisans in Tuscany, paying homage to local and traditional craftsmanship.

What We Love

We love the thoughtful details, functionality, and streamlined designs of these handcrafted sandals. Founded by Emme Parsons in 2017, the eponymous label is known for its minimalistic interpretations of classic silhouettes. The versatility of each collection and the enduring quality of the craftsmanship ensures you’ll find a pair of beautiful sandals that are the perfect fit.


A. EMERY handmade leather sandals, comfortable sandals, stylish sandals

HEADQUARTERS | Melbourne, Australia

FOUNDER | Anna McLaren

VALUES | Woman-Owned, Handcrafted, Sustainability

PRODUCT RANGE | Casual to dressy sandals

RECOMMENDED FOR | Those looking for a timeless pair of sandals that will become a staple in your wardrobe and outlast trends.

PRICE POINT | $140-$210

WHAT SETS IT APART | A. EMERY creates minimalistic sandals that will stand the test of time. These sandals are handcrafted in India with designs that have such an elegant simplicity they will be sure to outlast trends from season to season.

What We Love

We love the refined and minimalistic designs of this brand’s sandals that will complement any wardrobe. It’s an added bonus that A. EMERY focuses on sustainability by utilizing leather that was procured through the Leather Working Group (LWG). The LWG is an international, not-for-profit that ensures that leather is ethically sourced.

Jerusalem Sandals

jerusalem sandals, comfortable sandals, contoured footbed, eva sole

HEADQUARTERS | Los Angeles, California

FOUNDER | Kfir Matalon

VALUES | Handcrafted

PRODUCT RANGE | Casual sandals

RECOMMENDED FOR | Those looking for a timeless pair of strappy sandals that are affordable and easy on your feet.

PRICE POINT | $40-$90

WHAT SETS IT APART | Jerusalem Sandals has a unique origin story where the brand was founded by two Jewish-Arab families from Israel and Palestine who partnered to revive a traditional sandal style. The sandals are handcrafted exclusively in Hebron with locally sourced materials.

What We Love

We love the classic strappy styles of these sandals that are handcrafted at an affordable price point. These sandals become even more comfortable as they break in with wear and mold to your feet. The unique origin story is a nice silver lining.

How We Chose These Handmade Leather Sandal Brands

Quality: We selected brands that utilize premium, quality leather with close attention to detail.

Design / Style: We selected handmade sandal brands with premium craftsmanship, unique details, and timeless silhouettes.

Comfortability: We selected handmade sandal brands that are made with quality and comfort top of mind.

Vetting Criteria: We have four core principles for vetting the brands that we feature on our website. Our brand ethos is our guiding principle to ensure that the brands we feature align with our values and yours.

Reviews: We only picked handmade sandal brands with rave reviews from customers. This ensures that you are shopping for clothing that is not only loved by our curators but is also loved by the rest of the internet.