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Face Tape for Wrinkles: Does It Actually Work?

We consulted with the experts to see if face tape for wrinkles is an effective solution.

In the quest for flawless skin that’s free of fine lines, face taping is the latest beauty trend that has been gaining popularity as an alternative to Botox. The face-taping trend has flooded beauty lovers’ FYP TikTok feeds, with the hashtag #facetaping having racked up more than 472 million views. There are two main types of face tape: overnight face tape and facelift tape.

What is face taping? 

It’s important to understand the difference between overnight face tape and facelift tape. Overnight face tape is designed to be placed on fine lines and problem areas overnight to limit muscle contraction while you sleep which can help to reduce wrinkles and sagging skin.

The second type of face tape is known as facelift tape, which is designed to give an instant facelift effect. This type of face tape is placed around the hairline and is connected by an elasticized band that runs around the head where it works to lift saggy skin and hide wrinkles. It’s important to note that this type of face tape should not be worn for more than 8 hours at a time.

While you can see endless demonstrations of the instant effects of facelift tape by simply scrolling your social feed, we set out to discover if overnight face taping can have any positive results. 

Does Overnight Face Tape actually work? 

The short answer is yes. According to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe, “Face tape restricts the full contraction of a muscle called the frontalis muscle which is a muscle that acts like a curtain because when it contracts it lifts up your eyebrows and it creates wrinkles on your forehead. When you have the physical restriction from face tape, you can’t fully contract that muscle so the tape serves as a muscle prompt reminding you not to over-contract that muscle. if you do it every night it can lead to breakouts and irritation but when used in moderation it can be effective.”

While face taping has been a beauty secret since the days of old Hollywood, face taping is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to more invasive treatments such as Botox or fillers. While these treatments can provide longer-lasting results, they can also be expensive and require multiple appointments with a doctor or aesthetician. Face taping is much less expensive and can be done at home without any special equipment or training.

The Benefits of Face Tape for Wrinkles

Face taping is said to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, as well as help with facial swelling. The tape works by holding the muscles in place, which prevents them from contracting, thus adding resistance. This helps train the muscles to stay relaxed which reduces the appearance of fine lines over time. 

Face tape can also be used to lift the face when camouflaged around the hairline. Numerous leading ladies have expressed that they resort to wearing face tape for events or during filming, as it can give the skin a lifted and smoother appearance. 

What are the key benefits of face taping?

– Temporarily reduces wrinkles
– Lifts the skin on the face
– Stabilizes and retrains muscles to stay relaxed
– Reduces facial swelling
– An all-natural alternative to botox 

What are the potential drawbacks of using facial tape?

The adhesive used in face tape can cause irritation, redness, and even acne breakouts. If you try facial taping, it’s important to monitor your skin’s reaction to the adhesive and to minimize the frequency of using face tape in your nightly routine if you have sensitive skin. It’s best to consult with a dermatologist if you are considering using face tape or wrinkle patches for fine lines or other skin concerns.

What are the different types of face tape? 

There are many types of overnight face tapes and facial patches on the market as well as face lifting tape. Face tape is designed to be worn overnight and can help to reduce wrinkles while you sleep. Face lifting tape is typically worn around the hairline for a special occasion and is designed to give an instant facelift effect. 

For taping your face overnight you can simply use medical tapes such as Myofascial Lift Tape, 3M Micropore Paper Tape, and 3M Nexcare Durable Cloth Tape.

There are also wrinkle patches on the market such as Frownies and reusable forehead masks such as Skin Gym Reusable Forehead Mask that are specially designed to treat problem areas like the forehead.

Face Tape vs Frownies

frownies facial patches face tape

While face tape is typically a medical tape that is cut into strips to place over wrinkles and fine lines to restrict movement, facial patches such as Frownies are made from a stiff material that adheres to the skin, acting like a splint for the facial muscles and holding them flat and smooth. This prevents the skin from forming wrinkles while wearing the patches and helps to retrain the muscles to lie in a smooth, flat position.

The idea behind Frownies is to flatten and stretch the skin for several hours a day in order to “retrain” the facial skin and muscles. Wearing Frownies consistently can help relax deep wrinkles, as well as prevent new ones from forming. It is also said to be similar to Botox in that it immobilizes underlying facial muscles through its unique design.

Face Tape vs Skin Gym Reusable Forehead Mask

face tape skin gym reusable forehead patch

While face tape works to restrict muscle movement, the Skin Gym Reusable Forehead Mask is made from 100% silicone and is designed to be paired with your favorite skincare products.

The Skin Gym Reusable Forehead Mask works by releasing facial muscle tension, which helps to improve the appearance of the skin temporarily. It can be used multiple times, making it an economical and sustainable choice. Simply apply your favorite skincare products, let them dry into the skin, and apply the mask to your forehead for at least 20 minutes or overnight for the best results. 

Which face tape solution do we recommend?

If you plan to test face taping as an anti-wrinkle solution, we recommend trying Frownies for the best long-lasting results or the Skin Gym Reusable Face Mask if you are looking for the most sustainable and affordable option. 

While using regular face tape can be an effective option for temporarily smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, the splint-like cast that Frownies Wrinkle Patches provide is more effective in training muscles to contract less over time for longer-lasting results. On the other hand, Skin Gym’s Reusable Face Mask is not only a sustainable choice, but it also helps lock in your favorite skincare products overnight to ensure maximum absorption. 

Overall, face taping can be an effective way to temporarily reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines without having to resort to more invasive treatments like Botox or fillers. However, it’s important to remember that using any form of face tape can cause skin irritation and breakouts. It’s always best to consult your dermatologist before trying out any new skincare or beauty techniques.