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Unique Father's Day Gifts

Unique Father’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Dad 2023

With Father’s Day around the corner, it’s time to browse unique Father’s Day gifts that will surprise and delight dad. We’ve broken down this edit of unique Father’s Day gifts into curated collections surrounding passion and hobbies for every type of father. So whether the dad you are shopping for is a wine connoisseur, foodie, loves to golf, or simply has a taste for the finer things, we’ll help you find unique Father’s Day gifts that will make a lasting impression.

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Unique Gifts for the Father Who:

Is a Wine Connoisseur 

Is a Cigar Aficionado

Is a Whiskey Lover 

Is a Rugged Outdoorsman

Is a Golfer

Is a Passionate Cook

Likes the Finer Things 

Unique Father’s Day Gifts for the Wine Connoisseur

Zalto Denk’Art Universal Hand-Blown Crystal Wine Glass (Set of 6)

If you are looking to invest in a unique Father’s Day gift for a true wine lover, discover the Zalto Denk’Art Universal wine glasses that are hand-blown from the finest European crystal. The Universal glass is the ideal choice to begin your Zalto collection, as these glasses are ideal for both red and white wines. The shape of the bowl was meticulously designed to bring out the best expressions of every type of grape. While these glasses are feather-light, they are also dishwasher safe and 100% lead-free.

luxury unique father's day gifts zalto universal wine glasses

Zalto wine glasses were developed by Hans Denk, a famous wine expert in Austria. The angles of Zalto wine glasses mirror the tilt angles of the earth: 24 degrees, 48 degrees, and 72 degrees. The concept of tilt angles, which supposedly improve taste, was an approach first utilized by the Romans when building storage containers.

glasvin universal wine glasses unique father's day gifts

Glasvin Universal Wine Glasses (Set of 6)

If the Zalto Universal wine glasses are beyond your budget, consider the New York-based Glasvin Universal Wine Glass that plays well with every kind of wine. These ultra-light glasses are also dishwasher-safe and lead-free.

the durand vintage wine opener unique father's day gifts

The Durand Vintage Wine Opener

If the father you are shopping for has an extensive collection of vintage wine, surprise him with The Durand corkscrew wine opener. The Durand wine opener is a broadly patented device that is exceptionally effective in removing compromised and fragile corks, whole and intact, from older, valued wines.

coravin wine preservation system unique father's day gifts

Coravin Wine Preservation System

Unlike whiskey, once you open a bottle of wine, it typically doesn’t last beyond a few days. What if dad wishes to enjoy a glass of an expensive bottle but doesn’t want to commit to finishing it? Now, Dad can enjoy his favorite wines without removing the cork with the Coravin Timeless Three Wine Preservation System. The Coravin wine preservation system allows dad to preserve still wines for weeks, months, or even years. 

glass decanter and wood base by rabbit unique father's day gifts for wine lovers

Glass Decanter and Wood Base by Rabbit

An elevated, and contemporary design, this decanter is inspired by sheer geometry and is paired with an ash wood base with brass accents. It includes a micro-perforated strainer to remove impurities and sediments while aerating your wine. This unique Father’s Day gift is sure to make any wine lover ready for their next pour.

Unique Father’s Day Gifts For the Cigar Aficionado

subscription to cigar club unique father's day gifts

Subscription to Cigar Club

If the father you are shopping for is a cigar aficionado or simply loves trying new cigars, gift him a subscription box from Cigar Club. You can personalize your gift by choosing cigar strength, amount of cigars, and subscription duration. Every shipment will have exclusive members-only cigars from premium and boutique brands with a personalized QR code to view and rate the cigars.

wooden humidor by mark and graham unique fathers day gifts

Wooden Humidor by Mark and Graham

This classic humidor features a cedar interior and hygrometer dial to help keep cigars at optimum humidity levels. The glass top allows easy viewing and can be monogrammed for a personalized touch. This classic humidor is the perfect elevated statement for Dad’s study or lounge. 

cedar cigar humidor by bey berk unique fathers day gifts

Cedar Cigar Humidor by Bey-Berk

If dad loves channeling his inner James Bond, then surprise him with this sleek case featuring a lacquered finish and polished metallic accents.  An internal humidistat and external hydrogometer make it easy to maintain and monitor optimal humidity for up to 25 cigars.

personalized leather cigar case unique father's day gifts

Personalized Leather Cigar Case

If the father you are shopping for is a jetsetter or simply always on the go, this personalized leather travel cigar case is sure to impress. Handcrafted with rich leather, this cigar travel case features compartments for cigars, cutter, lighter, matches, pen, and even his watch.  

Unique Father’s Day Gifts for the Whiskey Lover

diamond whiskey glasses

Diamond Whiskey Glasses by Dragon Glassware

If you wish to celebrate father’s day with the perfect pour of whiskey, gift dad these unique whiskey glasses inspired by diamonds. The unique shape allows the whiskey to aerate as it’s poured into the glass with a spill-proof design tilted at a 50-degree angle. These beautiful glasses are dishwasher safe and lead free.

See the Diamond Whiskey Glasses in Action

These unique whiskey glasses rest tilted at a 50-degree angle.

oak bottle unique father's day gifts

Whiskey Barrel Aging by Oak Bottle

Give the gift of barrel aging with the Oak Bottle, an American oak cask charred inside to a Level 3 that enables Dad to add his own signature barrel finish to spirits or wine quickly and easily. The Oak Bottle has been tested against other at-home aging techniques to make sure they created the best possible at-home barrel finishing vessel. 

peugeot whisky glass set unique father's day gifts

Peugeot Impitoyable Whiskey Glass, Tasting Set

Designed in France and manufactured in Italy, this unique whiskey glass set by Peugeot will reveal all the subtleties of a good whiskey. The Peuqeot Les Impitoyables Whisky Tasting Set is ideal for anyone who appreciates whiskey, from novices to connoisseurs. The specially shaped glass reveals the qualities and subtleties of whiskey and stops the fire from the alcohol. It comes paired with a metal chilling base and coaster, so you can taste whiskey at the perfect temperature of 41-46 degrees Fahrenheit.

Two Glencairn Glasses and Travel Case

If the father you are shopping for is a bit more traditional and prefers sipping whisky over whiskey, then gift him these Glencairn whisky glasses steeped in Scottish tradition.  The tapered mouth of these glasses allows ease of drinking while capturing that all-important bouquet. The wide bowl allows the fullest appreciation of the whisky’s color and the solid base is designed to be easy on the hand.

glencairn glasses with travel case unique father's day gifts

Dad can enjoy his whisky on the go with the travel case, which is covered in matte black leather with bold banded stitching and embossed with the Glencairn logo in bronze leaf. The inside is lined in matching suede and it is fastened with a bright bronze effect metal clasp to finish this contemporary-looking set. This is one of the most convenient and unique Father’s Day gifts for a dad who often brings whiskey to dinner, picnics, or social affairs.

Unique Father’s Day Gifts for the Rugged Outdoorsman

leatherman utility knife father's day gifts

Leatherman Free T4 Utility Knife

Built in Portland, the Leatherman Free T4 utility knife proves once and for all that big gifts can come in small packages. Complete with screwdrivers, pry tool, scissors, tweezers, a heavy-duty file, and more, the T4 was designed with everyday problem-solving in mind. This utility knife comes with a pocket clip attached for easy access.

the trucker's friend unique father's day gift

The Trucker’s Friend

Made in the USA, this heavy-duty multi-purpose tool with a handmade leather sheath combines the functions of an ax, a claw hammer, a crowbar, and more. Dad can keep it in his garage or trunk to feel prepared for any hacking, pulling, or prying.

japanese saws unique father's day gift

Japanese Saws (Set of 4)

If new tools are like new toys for dad, expand his horizons with these Japanese saws that are known to cut quickly and smoothly. Because they cut on the pull (not the push) stroke, the blade is in tension during use, so it can be thinner with a much finer kerf. Bowing is eliminated, and the set can be minimized. The result is greater control over the cut.

Unique Father’s Day Gifts for the Avid Golfer

rustico golf accessory bag father's day gifts for golfers

Golf Accessory Bag and Leather Golf Log by Rustico

Help dad bring class to the course with this golf log, golf accessory bag, golf tees, and a copper ball marker in this golf essentials gift set. The golf log with pocket is a small, top-grain leather logbook with 96 templated pages, a hand-sewn binding, and a front pocket designed to hold a golf pencil (included). The golf accessory bag is crafted in wool with a leather handle, zipper closure, and slots to hold the included bamboo golf tees. The golf accessory bag can be monogrammed to make the gift more personalized.

arrcos smart sensors shot tracking technology unique father's day gift for golfers

Arccos Smart Sensors Shot Tracking Technology

If the father you are shopping for is an avid golfer, help him track his shot with Arccos. Arccos new shot tracking technology is powered by A.I. machine learning and tightly integrates Arccos hardware and software to pinpoint a player’s shots throughout the round. The latest Arccos technology captures 98% of all tee shots. 

perfect putting mat unique father's day gifts for golfers

Perfect Putting mat from Perfect Practice

Help dad up his confidence on the green with the Perfect Putting Mat. Working with tour players and top golf coaches, Perfect Practice created a putting mat with two hole sizes, auto ball return, train track alignment, and Crystal Velvet Trueroll technology that allows the golf ball to roll at 10-14 on the stimpmeter speed depending on the underlying surface.

Golf Courses Leather Bound Book by Graphic Image

Gift dad this timeless keepsake of incredible full spread shots of some of the most spectacular golf courses in the world photographed by David Cannon. Photographer David Cannon began his career in sports photography twenty-five years ago and is considered the premier golf photographer in the world. 

golf courses book by graphic image unique father's day gifts

Bound by hand in traditional leather, this book features some of the world’s most celebrated courses with more than 40 in North America, dozens in Asia and the South Pacific, and several in both Africa and the Middle East. Let dad savor a view from the 11th hole of the historic St. Andrews’s Old Course; catch a glimpse of giraffes and elephants from any green at Leopard Creek, South Africa; or soak in the view from Pirate’s Plank, the harrowing 15th hole at Cape Kidnappers, New Zealand, which is set at the very end of the clifftop fairway surrounded by dramatic 500-foot drops to the ocean. This is not just a book, it’s a golfer’s dream course bucket list. The book can be monogrammed for a more personal touch.

Unique Father’s Day Gifts for the Passionate Cook

Sharing Stone Steak Plate by SteakStones

sharing stone steak plate unique father's day gifts for dads who like to cook

Is the father you are shopping for an experimental chef? Then wow him with this hot stone made to perfectly sear steak, fish, or any other meat. One of the most unique Father’s day gifts, the sizzling hot stone will sear in the natural moisture and flavors of the chosen cuts and with no oils or fats required. It’s a fresh, fun, and healthy way to cook every bite to perfection. The SteakStones Sharing Steak Plate is designed as a central feature for the dining table, allowing Dad to present a selection of meat, fish, and vegetables that will be sizzling away to the intrigue and delight of your family and friends. If you think dad would like to serve personal hot stones, you can find them here.

cangshan everst white 6 piece knife set unique father's day gift

Cangshan Everest White 6-Piece Tai Knife Block Set

High-alloy Swedish steel takes and holds a precise edge for a set of knives that maintain their impressive sharpness even with daily use. The forged, full-tang blades go through a six-stage heat treatment that creates a stable structure, consistent hardness, and exceptional sharpness. Designed to perform a variety of everyday cutting tasks, the five knives offer comfortable, ergonomic handles in white finished with a delicately beautiful single mosaic rivet for a fresh look. 

The silversmith's knives unique fathers day gift

Puiforcat The Silversmith’s Knives

If the father you are shopping for is no stranger to a Michelin Star culinary experience, consider gifting him The Silversmith’s knives. Michelin-starred chef Pierre Gagnaire partnered with designer Gabriele Pezzini to develop a line of Puiforcat knives essential for the modern cook. The result is The Silversmith’s Knives, featuring handsome rosewood handles with stainless steel blades that stay sharp thanks to exclusive EVERCUT® technology.

over the sink cutting board unique father's day gift

Over-the-Sink Cutting Board with Mesh Basket by Stone Won Designs

Handmade in McKinney, Tx, this over-the-sink cutting board is made from 100% natural American Black Walnut finished with vegan cutting board oils enriched with vitamin E. Large enough to cut veggies and meats, this over-the-sink cutting board features a mesh basket to easily rinse produce while saving time. This over-the-sink cutting board also comes in Ambrosia Maple with Walnut sides, Mahogany, and Maple Ashland.

unique father's day gifts the always pan

The Always Pan by Our Place

If your father loves to multitask while he cooks, consider gifting him the ultimate multitasker in cooking ware: The Always Pan. The Always Pan works as a frying pan, saute pan, steamer, skillet, saucier, saucepan, nonstick pan, spatula, and spoon rest. Yes, it does it all. The Always Pan has a nonstick ceramic coating made without toxic materials, a custom stainless steel steamer basket, a nesting beechwood spatula with integrated spoon rest, a modular lid, and pour spouts. It features a sturdy aluminum body for fast even heat and lightweight construction. 

unique father's day gifts grill master set by mark and graham

Grill Master Gift Set by Mark and Graham

If the father you are shopping for is more a grill master, consider the ultimate BBQ gift set. Add personal flair to summer cookouts with the Mark and Graham waxed canvas and leather apron, oversized carving board and suede BBQ gloves. A truly unique Father’s day gift, each piece can be monogrammed for a thoughtful gift set he’ll love to use every time he fires up the grill.

Unique Father’s Day Gifts for the Refined Father

unique father's day gifts muhle shave set

Rytmo Steamed Ash 4-Piece Shaving Set by MÜHLE

Give dad a luxurious shave with this timeless 4-piece shaving set from MÜHLE  including a pure badger shaving brush, closed comb safety razor, chrome-plated soap dish, and chrome-plated metal stand. Made from Steamed Ash, the wood is briefly heated to a very high temperature to ensure it attains a high water resistance. This process also accentuates the wood’s beautiful grain and gives the Ash its deep final coloring.

mens blue suede slippers luxury unique fathers day gift

Men’s Blue Suede Loafer Slippers by Scully and Scully

Help dad lounge in luxury with these men’s blue suede leather slippers that are handmade in Italy. These slippers are detailed with brass bit detailing over a handsome red stripe with an interior made of cushioned blue leather for comfort, with soft blue toweling at the toes.  

unique father's day gifts cashmere robe by gobi luxury

Cashmere Robe by Gobi

If dad loves to relax, consider this robe made of 100% Mongolian Cashmere that is locally made in Mongolia. This bathrobe is hypoallergenic and made with anti-irritant, long-lasting fibers.

unique father's day gifts wingen decanter by lalique luxury

Wingen Decanter by Lalique

If you want to gift dad a whiskey decanter that will become a timeless heirloom, delight him with this whiskey decanter produced by the legendary Alsatian glassmaker Lalique. Trained as a jeweler in Paris in the late 1880’s, Rene Lalique gained recognition as an independent designer for some of the era’s great jewelry houses including Cartier and Boucheron. Soon after, he turned to glassmaking, and his techniques were a triumph for the Art Deco movement. Every piece of Lalique is finely detailed and produced by hand in Alsace, France. 

brunello cucinelli boat shoes luxury father's day gifts

Canvas Trimmed Suede Boat Shoes by Brunello Cucinelli

Handmade in Italy, Brunello Cucinelli’s boat shoes have been crafted in suede and finished with canvas trims. They’re set on rubber soles, so they’re suitable for rambles on land, too. This unique Father’s Day gift is sure to be a timeless classic in his wardrobe.

unique father's day gift monogrammed sterling silver money clip luxury

Monogrammed Sterling Silver Money Clip

Handmade in England of hallmarked sterling silver, this classic money clip will help keep dad’s dollars safe and organized in style. Personalize with his initials for an even more unique Father’s Day gift.

unique father's day gifts d.t. dupont lighter

S.T. Dupont Paris Black Lacquer Ligne Lighter

If you are shopping for a father who loves all things classic, gift him an S.T. Dupont Ligne lighter and watch his eyes light up with the distinctive “cling” sound. The new Ligne 2 series features a solid brass body with a micro-diamond head finish and is available in yellow gold, platinum, and rose gold.

The Meisterstück 4810 Wallet by Montblanc luxury father's day gifts

The Meisterstück 4810 Wallet by Montblanc 

 The Meisterstück 4810 Wallet with six card slots is committed to sustainability: it is crafted with CO2 neutral printed leather and ECONYL® lining, that is entirely recycled and infinitely recyclable. Its new pure geometric inner design enhances the essence of functionality, with multiple card slots and pockets for cash and receipts.

unique father's day gifts tourbador flex wallet

Troubador Flex Wallet

If dad loves quality, handmade goods but prefers boutique brands off the beaten path, consider this classic billfold wallet with contemporary style from Troubador. This unique Father’s Day gift is made from vegetable-tanned Italian leather with eight slots for credit cards, business cards, and ID. Its sleek and classic style is perfect for any father who likes to keep things simple.

Teron Travel Kit by Tumi and McLaren luxury fathers day gifts

Teron Travel Kit by Tumi and McLaren

McLaren and TUMI have come together for an exclusive collaboration. Echoing aerodynamic automotive designs, this travel kit features a sleek molded front panel, CX6® carbon fiber accents, and Papaya highlights for a signature McLaren touch. It will organize dad’s small travel essentials whether he’s taking a vacation or simply heading to the gym.