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beautiful whiskey decanter

Curated Collection: Beautiful Whiskey Decanters for Every Style of Decor

Whether you are a whiskey connoisseur or only partake in a pour from time to time, a whiskey decanter adds interest and depth to any at-home bar or whiskey collection. Yet, with so many shapes and styles, it can be difficult to find the best whiskey decanter to complement your home decor. Aside from shape and style, there are other important considerations when selecting the perfect whiskey decanter:


As you’ll find in our curated collection, Whiskey decanters can range from $35 to over $1,000 depending on the brand and how it is made. When determining your budget for your whiskey decanter ask yourself if you are just trying to simply add some sophistication to your home bar, or are you looking to purchase something that can become a family heirloom?

Leaded Crystal vs Lead-Free Crystal:

Today, most brands are making lead-free whiskey decanters, however, some classic crystal brands like Waterford, Baccarat, and Rogaska still have lead in their crystal decanters. If you plan to store your whiskey in the decanter for a longer period of time, then focus on buying a lead-free whiskey decanter. If you plan to store whiskey in the decanter for a shorter period of time or only when entertaining, then you don’t have to worry about lead transferring into it.


When determining the quality of the decanter, it’s important to take into consideration things like an airtight seal to maintain the flavor and integrity of the whiskey, the right size to either store an entire bottle of whiskey (typically 750 ml) or store a smaller serving of whiskey for when hosting, and how the decanter is made.

Whether shopping for a gift or a new addition to your home, to help you find the perfect whiskey decanter, we’ve curated a collection of beautiful whiskey decanters for every style of decor to add an elevated elegance to your next soiree.

1. Classic Decanters

Waterford Markham Square Decanter


Keep it classic with this decanter featuring traditional Irish-style cutting. The Markham Collection raises the bar with this Decanter and Double Old Fashioned set of two. Whether entertaining or relaxing with a nightcap, a glass of whiskey never looked so good. 

Baccarat Harcourt Empire Whiskey Decanter 


With its golden details delicately applied by hand to the crystal, the Harcourt Empire decanter complements any classic decor and will delight whiskey lovers with an ever-elegant tasting. Harcourt was created in 1841 and is the oldest service in the Baccarat collection.

Bormioli Rocco Selecta Collection Whiskey Set


This affordable whiskey decanter set includes an intricately designed whiskey decanter and 6 matching whiskey glasses that will elevate your whiskey tasting experience. The glass decanter features a sophisticated sparkling starburst pattern that creates the most breathtaking reflections that dance in the light.

Waterford Crystal Donal Square Decanter


This decanter is crafted from hand-finished crystal and boasts a classically gorgeous square shape that’s anything but old-fashioned. The attention to detail is superb as the diamond cuts shimmer in the light, creating dimension and depth.

Waterford Lismore Crystal Decanter


This decanter is crafted from hand-finished crystal and boasts a classically gorgeous square shape that’s anything but old-fashioned. The attention to detail is superb as the diamond cuts shimmer in the light, creating dimension and depth.

2. Modern Decanters

Nude Alba Whiskey Decanter


Sleek and modern, the Alba whisky bottle stands out with a cleverly deconstructed tartan pattern hand engraved at the base—a nod to the liquor’s Scottish roots. The theme continues with the unique stopper designed to lean omni-directionally with clean, modern lines.

Eliská Round Crystal Decanter


Mouth-blown, hand-cut, and polished by expert craftsmen, this round Crystal Decanter is perfect for serving Whiskey or Brandy. Modern meets classic with a contemporary, vertical-lined design featuring classic cuts to bring visual interest.

Fluted Decanter by Richard Brenson Beautiful Whiskey Decanter

Fluted Decanter by Richard Brenson


Richard Brendon has partnered with Gleneagles to develop his new hand-crafted crystal collection, Fluted. Fluted draws inspiration from the decadent cocktail culture of the 1920’s, bringing art deco details to this sleek, modern design.

Baccarat Harmonie Round Decanter


This Baccarat Clear Crystal Harmonie Round Whiskey Decanter has a trim, streamlined silhouette. Consecutive parallel lines travel cleanly along the decanter with the lean stripes bringing a textural quality to the surface, showcasing the three-dimensionality of the decanter and creating a visual depth to the whiskey within.

3. Artistic Decanters

Knack Gilded Smoke Whiskey Decanter


This set features the exquisite craftsmanship of DECICIO Artisan Glassware and Five Ply Design. DECICIO’s textured glass decanter with a gold-flecked stopper and 4 diamond-textured tumblers are handcrafted with traditional Italian glassblowing techniques. All that’s left to do is unveil a fine whiskey and enjoy.

Tom Dixon Tank Whiskey Decanter


In Black, this modern whiskey decanter sets a mysterious and indulgent tone to your whiskey on display. Created through a technically demanding fusion of clear and solid black glass, Tank is mouth-blown into the graphic forms for creative, yet timeless tabletop architecture.

Viski Deco Decanter


This Art Deco-inspired decanter is the perfect vessel for showing off your whiskey. Delicate etching graces the lead-free crystal construction, and a rounded stopper secures the bottle.

1934 Early Moser Bar Rosalin Decanter


Discover this stunning vintage art deco Moser crystal barware, designed by Rudolf Eschler in 1934 to emulate the optical illusion of ice cubes. This whiskey decanter and accompanying eight distillate spirit glasses feature are hand-blown & hand-cut to the signature square base shape.

4. Glamorous Decanters

Crystal and Silverplate Disc Decanter


Whiskey decanter or oversized perfume bottle? Serve whiskey with a statement with this ornately cut mouthblown crystal decanter handmade in Portugal. Finished with a fabulous silverplated stopper and neck, this decanter will add a splash of glamor to any decor.

Waterford Lismore Short Stories Decanter


If gold is more your style of glamor, discover the Waterford Short Stories Lismore decanter with gold plated detail from The Revolution line that twists and deconstructs the Lismore pattern in four different ways to create an innovative and fresh take on this revered pattern.

Waterford Lismore Ship Decanter


Bring the unique shape of a ship’s decanter into your home featuring the best-selling Lismore crystal pattern, famous for its signature diamond and wedge cuts. The Lismore Gift Bar Collection is inspired by the rich heritage of Ireland with pieces designed to be used and enjoyed.

Baccarat Harcourt Decanter


From the 1841 Collection, this is one of the original Baccarat designs. Diamond cut stopper sits atop the large crystal decanter. This collection has been the choice of royalty and important dignitaries over many years. Hexagonal base and refined beveled cuts make this truly a showstopper.

5. Minimalist Decanters

Harvey Decanter


Sometimes less is more with this modern take on the classic decanter that shifts shapes with a square bottle and cylindrical stopper. Handcrafted of sparkling, crystalline glass, the decanter is made by the skilled artisans of Krosno, a European glass collective dating back to 1923.

LSA Renfrew Decanter and Base


This glass whiskey decanter with clean, curved lines rests atop a sturdy walnut base perfect for any home with minimalist decor. The rich, walnut wood adds warmth to the design without interfering with the sleek design of the decanter.

Rogaska Manhattan Whiskey Decanter with Stopper


This whiskey decanter features sparkling pure crystal that is cut by hand, in a dimensional square-cut brick design, then hand polished to create an elegant finish. The unique shape will add dimension to your whiskey while blending effortlessly with any minimalist decor.

Terresta Modern European Whiskey Decanter


With its streamlined design, this precision-sculpted decanter lets the amber hues of your whiskey be the star of the show. This piece brings a look of authoritative expertise to any home bar. Handmade in Europe, the craftsmanship shows in the flawless execution.