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Coffeemaker Luxury Tech Gadget

10 Luxury Home Tech Gadgets to Elevate Your Space

When designing your home, it’s important to thoughtfully curate the small details throughout each room to create a serene space and add unique touches. Luxury home tech gadgets upgrade any space with added ease, creativity, and beautiful design.

Here are 10 luxury home tech gadgets that should be on your list if you are looking to elevate your space.

Samsung the frame tv luxury tech gadget

Samsung ‘The Frame’ QLED 4K UHD TV


Entertainment becomes art with this 43-inch TV screen providing a crisp 4K clarity picture when watching your favorite shows, and transforming into an art piece when it is not in use.  Now any room can be gallery-chic by day, and your favorite entertainment at night.

Courant Wireless Charger Luxury Tech Gadget

Courant Wireless Phone Charger


Clear your nightstand with this wireless charger which not only conveniently charges your phone but neatly organizes your bedside essentials. This simple, luxury home tech gadget saves you from the hassle of those tangling wires and comes in 5 colors.

joy resolve coffee alarm clock luxury tech gadget

Joy Resolve Coffee Alarm Clock


If your morning is struggle city before your first cup of coffee, this luxury tech gadget has an integrated alarm clock that will wake you up with a freshly brewed cup of coffee without ever having to leave your bed. Set your automatic brewing time, wake up, and sip instead of snooze.

govee smart plug luxury tech gadget

Govee Smart Plug


Govee smart plugs work on voice control with any light or electronic device. It has a Wi-Fi connection without the need for a hub making this luxury tech gadget truly standalone. Now you can turn the lights on without lifting a finger. 

terra kaffe at-home barista luxury tech gadget

Terra Kaffe At-Home Barista


This luxury coffeemaker is like your very own barista as it performs every step for the perfect cup of coffee. From an Americano to a cappuccino, just fill it up with your desired coffee beans and it will grind the beans, froth the milk, and prepare you coffee made exactly to your liking with the press of a button.

ginko hifi bluetooth luxury tech gadget

Gingko HiFi Bluetooth Speaker


The Gingko HiFi square speaker is a sleek design made of sustainable natural maple or walnut wood wrapped with high-quality textured fabric. It creates a beautiful natural look and delivers high-fidelity audio for aesthetic and acoustic performance.

gardyn at-home garden

Gardyn All-Season In-Home Garden


This in-home garden gives a whole new meaning to locally sourced. Grow 30 plants from 50+ varieties in only two square feet of space. The in-home garden grows fresh vegetables all year long so anytime you need to whip up a salad or cook a vegetable, your garden is only a few steps away.

pura smart home fragrance diffuser luxury tech gadget

Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser


One of the easiest ways to create a more luxurious space is to infuse a signature scent throughout your home. The Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser allows you to customize your scent experience with premium, designer-grade fragrances from the convenience of your smartphone.

the sutton self-watering planter

The Sutton Self-Watering Planter


You no longer need a green thumb to keep houseplants flourishing. Made from the highest quality ceramic, this footed planter contains a patented sub-irrigation system that allows plants to drink from the roots, just as nature intended. Now you can enjoy lush greenery without worry. 

MIRROR at home luxury tech gadget

MIRROR At-Home Gym


Getting to and from the gym can make it hard to fit a workout into a busy schedule. This workout mirror brings all of the perks of the gym right into your home. Take your next yoga or cardio class live from the MIRROR where you can see the names of other class participants, enjoy the benefits of a live instructor, and burn some serious calories without ever leaving home.